Development of approximately 5 acres from a park into 8 additional duplexes for the Gallatin Housing Authority.
Infrastructure project to convert approximately 50 acres of farm land into a multi-development shopping district.
Excavation for 5 bio retention ponds with an estimated haul off of approximately 4,000 tons of materials.
This project was in Lawrenceburg Tennessee and was for a new construction of Hwy 55 Burgers and Shakes. Our scope was to setup all of the utilities, grading, and leave the building pad ready to move into vertical construction.   
In Arlington Texas right outside of Dallas, we were hired to pour a new concrete parking and driveway as well as construct and install several concrete filled, steel bollards to meet DOT standards.  
Back in Mount Juliet, TN at a community called Nichols Vale. We were contracted to construct some concrete light pole bases, and run electrical conduit from the building to get them power. Took a few days, and a little rain, and we were out in no time!  
We were contracted to construct a Cantilevered Canopy over this community pool out in Mount Juliet, TN. We had to begin by erecting the steel upright beams into a concrete footer. Once that was set, we then put together the rest of the canopy supports and ended up with a finished product for everyone in the Nichols Vale community to […]