Allegiant Property Solutions

Allegiant Property Solutions is a family owned and operated Civil Construction Company. Although we’re based out of Gallatin, our projects span across the whole state of Tennessee! We do a variety of earthwork activities including site preparation for small and large buildings; earthwork for highway and urban streets; and installation of underground utilities.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality of work and customer service on every project we complete – not only cost-efficiency, but durability that exceeds expectations!

The secret to Our success

Throughout our experiences in the construction industry, we saw there was a need to create a company that can merge the knowledge of construction and customer service, emphasizing on incorporating technology, to improve the construction process and relationships with customers. 

We are passionate about creating an environment where our employees enjoy working and our customers enjoy a punctual timeline and competitive pricing. 

We are contractors in Tennessee and in Florida, with offices in both states, and have the ability to complete projects of any size in either state!

Our Administrative Team

Eimy Sanchez

Co-Founder & CEO

Angie Manes


Carlos Sanchez

VP of Operations

Andrew Manes

VP of Sales

Reinaldo Nieves

Project Manager

Our Field Team

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